Meet The Team

Dodie - Community Dental care

Meet Dodie, Office Manager

Dodie oversees office operations and helps set the tone of welcoming, comforting, positivity that our patients have come to expect. Prior to becoming Office Manager, Dodie spent years working at Dr. Polanco’s side as his Dental Assistant. Her clinical experience gives her a deep understanding of the many facets of efficient practice management.

Before entering the dental field in 2012, Dodie worked in Cosmetology. A Licensed Esthetician, Dodie has played a key role in helping establish Community Dental’s Facial Aesthetics practice. Dodie made the transition into dentistry because she was fascinated by the field and its impact on overall health and wellness. The most gratifying thing about her job is giving people a reason to smile. With her understanding, compassionate, calming personality, that is something that happens several times a day!

Dodie was born and raised in Fort Myers. Dodie has two beautiful daughters, one of whom is following in her mother’s footsteps by studying to enter the dental field as a Hygienist. Dodie enjoys long weekends at the beach or traveling with family and friends. Her charitable work includes volunteering at free dentistry days and causes focused on helping the homeless

Tina - Community Dental care

Meet Tina, Assistant Office Manager

Tina has been part of the Community Dental Care Team for many years. She was a Patient Care Coordinator prior to being promoted to Assistant Office Manager. Her warm, friendly attitude helps set patients at ease from the moment they walk through the door. Patients and team members alike appreciate Tina’s unfailing positivity, quiet efficiency, and willingness to pitch in to help wherever she can.

Tina enjoys watching the transformation of patient smiles and seeing their joy as they leave the office with their new, bright smiles.

Tina is a Florida native who has lived in our area her whole live. In her free time, she   enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and brand new grandbaby. Tina gives back to the community by participating in free dentistry events and contributing to the practice’s various giving activities.

Alejandra - Community Dental care

Meet Alejandra, Patient Care Coordinator

Ali’s is one of the friendly faces that welcomes patients to our practice. She joined our Front Desk Team in 2021. She has been in the dental field since 2011, working first as a Certified Dental Assistant before transitioning to her current role as Patient Care Coordinator. Having worked in both the front and back offices, Ali brings a comprehensive understanding of the patient experience that enables her to go above and beyond to ensure each visit begins and ends on a positive note.

Dentistry called to Ali because she loves helping others and recognizes good oral health as an important part of a healthy life. Ali treats every patient with compassion and understanding. She excels at helping patients who are apprehensive about treatment relax knowing they are in caring hands they can trust. Especially rewarding is seeing how happy patients are when their treatment is complete, especially in those smile restoration cases which are life changing for the patient.

Ali is a Fort Myers native. She lives here with her husband and son. She enjoys crafting and spending time with her family. Ali is bilingual so she is able to communicate with our Spanish speaking patients in Spanish if they prefer.

Dental Assistant at Community Dental Care North Fort Myers

Meet Kristina, Patient Care Coordinator

Kristina started her career in dentistry here at Community Dental Care in 2022. She was influenced toward the dental field by her mother, a Dental Assistant. Prior to becoming a Patient Care Coordinator, Kristina underwent several months of training as a Dental Assistant. Her knowledge of Dental Assisting enhances her ability to coordinate with back-office team members, providing a smoother patient experience.

Kristina’s sweet and kind demeanor helps patients feel welcome as soon as they step into our office. Whether on the phone or in person, Kristina treats each patient with warmth and compassion. Her sense of humor keeps our patients and her teammates smiling.

Originally from Michigan, Kristina left the cold behind and moved to Fort Myers in 2012. She lives with her fiancé and daughter. In her free time, Kristina enjoys singing and doing makeup. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.


Angela - Community Dental care

Meet Angela, Registered Dental Hygienist

Angela brings over 35 years of experience in dentistry to the practice.  She is a Registered Dental Hygienist who earned her AAS in Dental Hygiene from Middlesex County College (NJ). Angela chose dentistry early in life; she completed a Dental Assistant Vocational Program while in high school. After high school Angela served as a medic in the US Army followed by ten years as a Dental Assistant before completing her Dental Hygiene training.  In addition to her Dental credentials, Angela is a licensed American Red Cross instructor who teaches CPR, First Aid, and Babysitting.

Angela believes education is the key to empowering her patients to make informed choices about their oral health. This is not a one-way process, she believes in asking questions and listening to patient concerns in order to gain a true understanding of their needs.  She approaches anxious patients with compassion, assuring them they are not alone and helping calm them by explaining each step of the process so they know exactly what will happen next.  She finds it very rewarding when those patients leave their appointments happy that it was not as bad as they anticipated. Angela is committed to helping her patients are getting the dental care they need and deserve.

A native of New Jersey, Angela raised her family here in Florida. She is married and has three young adult sons. Angela and her husband have musical talent in common and enjoy playing together with her on bass and him on guitar. Angela enjoys kayaking and is a devoted yoga practitioner.

Angela serves the community as a member of the Cape Coral Emergency Response Team Member through activities such as teaching CPR and assisting with hurricane preparedness and response.     

Gabriela - Community Dental care

Meet Gabriela, Registered Dental Hygienist

Gaby has worked in dentistry since 2015, building a comprehensive understanding of practice operations by working in a number of roles. She worked as a Patient Care Coordinator and Insurance Coordinator in other dental practices. In those positions, she observed the Dental Hygienist’s role, saw the great impact dental care has on peoples’ lives, and recognized her own professional calling. Following her passion, she earned her AS in Dental Hygiene from Florida Southwestern State College and joined our team after becoming a Certified Registered Dental Hygienist.

Gaby’s friendly, energetic style and her gentle approach to hygiene procedures make visits pleasant for her patients. She is committed to educating her patients on how to maintain their best oral health and enjoys seeing them recognize the benefits of good home care over time. Gaby takes great satisfaction in helping her patients achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

Gaby was born in Cuba and, along with her family, moved to Lehigh Acres at age 15. She is fluent in Spanish and English. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family. Gaby is an avid cook; her specialty is Cuban food. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband doing favorite activities include like camping and going to the beach. Gaby also loves to spend time with her pleasantly plump cat, Cato.

Devoted to giving back to the community, Gaby has volunteered with Dentistry from the Heart, Give Kids a Smile Day, and Project Dentist Care. Outside of dentistry, Gaby has volunteered with the Harry Chapin Food Bank and the Salvation Army.

Meet Vanessa, Registered Dental Hygienist

As a child, Vanessa enjoyed visiting the dentist and knew from a very early age that she wanted a career in the dental field. She started out as Certified Dental Assistant in 2003, building upon her skills to become an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and ultimately continuing her education to become a Certified Registered Dental Hygienist in 2014. She holds a degree in Dental Hygiene from Edison State College. As a student, her exemplary ability to share oral health information with patients led to her receiving the “Oral Hygiene Patient Education Award.”

She is passionate about helping her patients have their very best oral health. Patients working with Vanessa can look forward to gentle, thorough cleanings and education on how they can keep their smile healthy. She takes great joy in seeing patients meet their oral health goals knowing that she has played a role in helping them.

Born in Newark, NJ, Vanessa moved with her family to Miami as a very young child. She joined the Fort Myers community in 2006. She is the proud mother of two teenaged daughters who she enjoys spending time with shopping, going to the beach, and enjoying all that our beautiful area has to offer. Vanessa is bilingual, she speaks Spanish and English.

Brandy - Community Dental care

Meet Brandy, Lead Dental Assistant

Brandy brings expanded knowledge of dental assisting to her role, with specializations in radiology, oral surgery, and orthodontics. Her cheerful demeanor and unfailing optimism put her patients at ease. Brandy assists the dentist in helping her patients smile and makes sure they understand each step of their treatment. She helps the dentist stay on schedule so patient wait time is minimized. Brandy takes great satisfaction in educating patients so they gain a new perspective on dental care and in watching how their outlooks improve along with their smiles.

Brandy was born and raised in North Fort Myers. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her daughter. Her hobbies include kayaking, swimming, and photography. She gives back to the community by donating her skills as a photographer to a local cancer foundation and volunteering at free dentistry events.

Meet Corey, Dental Assistant

Corey has worked in the dental field since 2018. She has been with Community Dental Care since 2021. Dentistry appealed to Corey because she is passionate about helping others. Dedicated to excellence in her role, Corey is both a Certified Dental Assistant and an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.

Patients appreciate Corey’s easygoing personality and compassionate attitude. Corey recognizes that many people are fearful or anxious about seeing a dentist. She is especially effective with anxious patients, helping them to relax and ensuring a comfortable, positive experience at each visit. Corey believes education is the key to empowering patients with a recognition of the importance of good oral health as a foundation of overall health. Most rewarding for Corey is helping fearful patients get the dental care they deserve and watching patients gain confidence as a result of improving their smiles.

A lifetime Florida resident, Corey grew up in Key Largo. She now makes her home here in the North Fort Myers area with her husband and two children. A devoted wife and mother, she enjoys spending time with her family boating, fishing, playing beach volleyball, and having family game nights.

Keila - Community Dental care

Meet Keila, Dental Assistant

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Keila has been in dentistry since 2019 and joined our team in 2021. Keila was inspired to pursue a career in dentistry by a family member who works in the field. Passionate about dentistry, Keila attends college part-time and hopes to become a Dental Hygienist or Dentist in the future.

Well-organized and efficient, Keila helps the dentists stay on schedule so patient wait times are kept to a minimum. She approaches her patients with compassion and focuses on educating them so the treatment process is transparent and they leave with an understanding of how to achieve their oral health goals. Keila understands dental anxiety and helps fearful patients feel safe so they can relax. Sharing in a patient’s joy when they achieve their dream smile is always a high point for Keila.

When she’s not busy here or at school, Keila enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach, studying, and enjoying Italian food. She is fluent in Spanish and English. She donates her time to community-based dental causes such as providing school children with dental supplies.

Linnet - Community Dental care

Meet Linnet, Sterilization Technician

Linnet has been in dentistry since 2014. She joined the Community Dental Team in 2021. Trained as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, Linnet plays a key role in our practice’s rigorous sterilization and infection control protocol. She is passionate about patient education and is committed to promoting patient understanding about the importance of their oral health.

Patients and fellow team members alike appreciate Linnet’s caring and compassionate approach to her work. She ensures a safe patient experience, seamlessly coordinating with her colleagues to make certain the highest sterilization standards are followed. Linnet helps set a positive tone in our office by never being shy about showing her appreciation for a patient or a co-worker.

Linnet was born in Cuba and moved to Florida in 2006. She makes her home here with her husband and two children. In her off hours, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, dancing, and watching movies. She is an animal lover with a particular fondness for birds and dogs. She is fluent in Spanish and English.

Meet Sherleen, Dental Assistant

Sherleen joined the Community Dental Team in 2022. Sherleen sought a career that would enable her to help people and fell in love with dentistry as soon as she was exposed to it as a possible vocation. She began her dental career in 2017. Always striving to expand upon her skills, Sherleen is both a Certified Dental Assistant and an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.

Sherleen’s patience and empathy help her patients relax so they can get the treatment they deserve. Her sense of humor makes the experience a pleasant one. She excels at fabrication and patient education. For Sherleen, the best day is a day when she gets to see a patient feel like themselves again because she has helped bring back their smile.

Sherleen was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She lived in New York before coming to Fort Myers in 2020. She enjoys singing, dancing, art, and going to the gym. She makes her home with her husband and two adorable dogs. Sherleen speaks Spanish and English.

Meet Bre’Najah, Dental Assistant

Bre’Najah began her career in dentistry here at Community Dental Care in 2022 and quickly began to make a vital contribution to our team.

Bre was drawn to dentistry because she loves helping others feel more confident and happy. A hard worker who is well-organized, and efficient, she ensures that each patient receives the highest quality of care possible.

Bre’s compassionate, caring, gentle demeanor makes patients feel welcome and safe in our office. She takes pride when patients are thrilled with the results of their treatment and considers that best part of her job.

Bre is a Cape Coral native. Her hobbies include braiding and styling hair, cooking, and keeping a clean home. She also enjoys spending time with her dog, a toy poodle.


Meet MaKenna, Dental Assistant

MaKenna started her dental career in 2007 and joined our team in 2022. MaKenna’s mother, a Dental Hygienist, inspired her to pursue a career in dentistry. She completed her training at Nova Southeastern University. As an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and Certified in Radiology, MaKenna is detail-oriented and meticulous, ensuring that each patient receives the highest quality of care.

MaKenna is especially welcoming to those patients who come to our office feeling hopeless about their oral health situation. Seeing their relief and confidence return as their smile improves makes it all worthwhile for MaKenna.

In the treatment room, MaKenna is known for her calming presence. She enjoys sharing Dad jokes and puns, putting her patients at ease while instilling confidence in the treatment process. She believes in her patients’ ability to overcome their fears and achieve the results they desire.

Originally from Kansas City, MaKenna moved to our community in 2019. She is devoted to her family which includes her fiancé and their two children. In her free time, she enjoys kayaking and reading.


Meet Olivia, Dental Assistant

Olivia joined the Community Dental Care Team in 2022. She has been in dentistry since 2013, including time spent at our sister practices Elite Dental Care in Naples and Lee Dental Care in Fort Myers. Olivia chose dentistry as a career because it not only has an impact on patient health but on their confidence and therefore quality of life.

Olivia holds an AA in Science from Keiser University. As an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, Olivia is highly trained including coursework in radiology. She specializes in assisting with implant placements, cosmetic procedures, fabricating crowns, and Zoom Whitening.

Organized and efficient, Olivia keeps the doctor on schedule so patient wait times are kept to a minimum. Patients rely on Olivia to explain treatment plans so they can be easily understood. When assisting with procedures, Olivia’s compassion and empathy help patients relax knowing they are in good hands. For Olivia, every day at Community Dental Care is a welcome opportunity to meet new people, hear their stories, and help them achieve their oral health goals.

Olivia is originally from Miami and moved to the West Coast in 2001. In her free time, she enjoys spoiling her fur baby, a French Bulldog named Ace. A fitness enthusiast, she enjoys boot camp classes and working out in her home gym. She also enjoys the outdoors, going to the beach, kayaking, and hiking. Olivia is a talented crafter and painter.