Regular Exams And Cleanings

Community Dental Care is a preventive-oriented practice. This means we want our patients to avoid costly restorative work by preventing problems or catching them early. Our Dental Hygienists offer gentle, thorough cleanings to remove plaque and tartar that can cause future problems. When examining your x-rays and your teeth, you can expect your dentist to be conservative in their recommendations. Our first preference is always to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible.
Dentist in sterile gloves doing professional teeth cleaning

Preventative care is a critical component of Community Dental Care’s approach to helping you have your best smile.

The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist about twice yearly for a full cleaning and dental exam.

Professional dental cleanings help remove built-up plaque that is not removable using conventional brushing and flossing. Often, your dentist or hygienist can detect potential problems that you are not yet able to see or feel. When you maintain regular preventative dental appointments, you can stave off decay and gum disease, as well as identify problems early, preventing expensive restorative dental work later.

During your regular exam, the Dentist will:

  • Check for any problems that you may not see or feel
  • Look for cavities or any other signs of tooth decay
  • Inspect your teeth and gums for gingivitis and signs of periodontal disease
  • Address any concerns you may have about your oral health

During your cleaning the Dental Hygienist will clean, polish, and rinse your teeth to remove any tartar and plaque that have built up on the tooth’s surface.

For both a regular exam and cleaning, you can expect an appointment of about 45 minutes.  Regular exams are offered by appointment only, so please contact our practice today to schedule your next routine visit.  Please be sure to specify if you want both a dental exam and a cleaning when scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at my cleaning and exam consultation?

The Dental Hygienist will provide a gentle but thorough cleaning of your teeth and monitor the health of your teeth and gums for any issues. Plaque and other build up will be removed and your teeth will be polished. Your Hygienist will give you appropriate suggestions and instruction for home oral care to ensure your best oral health. If you are due for X-rays, these will be taken before you see the dentist so he or she can evaluate the images for any problems.

The Dentist will then examine your teeth and gums along with your x-rays. He or she will discuss any issues they see and give you treatment options. Our team believes in collaborating with our patients to help them get the dental care they need. We understand that different patients have different goals and budget constraints and we will always work with you to determine which treatment plan works for you. At all visits, we also want to hear about any oral health problems you have been having or questions you may have. 

What types of guidelines should I follow after my visit?

In between dental cleanings and consultations, be sure to maintain good oral habits at home. This includes daily flossing and brushing after meals. It’s also important to drink fluoridated water and use a fluoridated toothpaste.