Preventive Care

Community Dental Care is a preventive-oriented practice. This means we want our patients to avoid costly restorative work by preventing problems or catching them early. Our Dental Hygienists offer gentle, thorough cleanings to remove plaque and tartar that can cause future problems. When examining your x-rays and your teeth, you can expect our to be conservative in their recommendations. Our first preference is always to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible.
A woman having her teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist

Preventive care is a foundation of good oral health. The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist regularly – usually about twice yearly – for a full cleaning, examination, and consultation for potential treatment. Professional dental cleanings help remove built-up plaque that cannot be removed with conventional brushing and flossing.

At Community Dental Care, preventive care is a critical element of our approach to helping our patients have their best oral health. Our approach is first and foremost to help you retain your natural teeth. Regular cleanings and check-ups not only prevent decay but enable us to catch problems early and help you save on expensive restorative treatments later.

Your dentists and dental hygienist can identify potential problems that you may not yet able to see or feel. When you maintain regular preventive dental appointments, you can stave off decay and gum disease, as well as identify the beginnings of oral health problems before they become severe. Be sure to specify that you want both an exam and a cleaning when scheduling.