BOTOX Cosmetic

Community Dental Care is proud to offer the first and best onabotulinumtoxinA brand, BOTOX® Cosmetic by Allergan.
view of female botox injection

Botox is a safe, FDA-approved cosmetic treatment that has been popular among healthy American men and women since its FDA approval in 2002. Millions of people have undergone cosmetic injections to help smooth facial lines and restore a younger appearance. Injections go into the facial muscles, helping to block nerve impulses and relax the muscles. Without contracting facial muscles, lines become less evident and are prevented from worsening.

Community Dental Spa offers cosmetic injectibles for improving/preventing fine lines and wrinkles, the Lip Flip (an alternative to fillers for a fuller looking lip), improving the appearance of gummy smiles (a non-surgical alternative for this condition!), prevention of migraine headache, and relief of TMJ/TMD discomfort.  

Dr. Polanco and Dr. Felix offer gentle administration and natural looking results so you will look like yourself, just refreshed. Book your consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I undergo cosmetic injection treatment?

Although many patients are candidates for cosmetic injections, it is not for everyone. You must be a healthy adult between the ages of 18 and 65 to qualify for cosmetic injections. These injections work best along the brow, where the face is prone to indention and sagging. For more information about treatment and whether it is right for you, schedule a consultation with us at your earliest convenience.

What should I expect during a cosmetic injection treatment?

This rapid cosmetic treatment that takes just minutes to perform from the comfort of our office. The injection is administered using a very fine needle that induces only mild discomfort. You can return to work immediately after the injection.

How long do the results last?

You will begin to notice the effects of your injection within just a few days. The results will continue to improve over the course of approximately 4 weeks and may remain for up to 6 months.